Wednesday, 15 August 2012

August in Haworth

Summer returned briefly to us but today has seen more monsoon like conditions in Haworth and the Worth Valley. The nights are noticeably shortening now and shadows lengthening.
I've not been able to walk as much for a few days thanks to a worsening sciatic back but the plan is to get out onto the moors each day now and enjoy what is left of our supposed summer and take more pictures. All too soon the heather will be gone and autumn hues will herald the onset of the darkest months.
Bronte Media is flourishing with an enormous amount of publishing work and expansion of our Voice of the Valleys newspaper. The dark evenings will be easily filled with making plans for our many projects.
A picture for today....

A young man who is proving a popular feature next to the Bronte Meadow. I remember photographing his mother when she was born a few years ago.

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