Thursday, 29 July 2010

Creative writing classes

Take a look at our web site for details of the creative writing classes, both online and one to one, which we are offering.
It seems a natural progression to offer our forty years experience in the writing and publishing business to those just starting out. There are no upper or lower age limits for those wishing to enroll and no costly commitment often found with other companies.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Under age drinking and vandalism

I was in Central Park and was disgusted to see another incident of under age drinking. A young yob of around 12 years of age deliberately smashed his empty beer bottle within yards of the small children's play area.
The lager bottle was made of green glass so many of the pieces will remain invisible on the grass.
If he is doing that at 12 what will he be like at 18?

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Bronte Radio

It's coming soon to a computer near you.....Bronte Radio, and I am looking out for volunteers to do programmes of interest within the Worth Valley and beyond.

Water shortage!

Isn't it marvellous? A few weeks of dry weather after a horrendous winter and now THIS

Monday, 12 July 2010

Heritage comments are hysterical says Parish Council chairman

Comments made by the Heritage Council about Haworth's heritage have been labelled "hysterical" by our Parish Council chairman, Coun John Huxley.
Exactly. Now let's see a few of the knockers pulling together to see just what can be achieved.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Wall of Art

Well done to everyone who has contributed to Haworth's magnificent Wall of Art on Main Street. It's a credit to the talent of the village.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Very bad!

I've now had the time to study the in depth report of English Heritage on Haworth's at risk status.
It must have taken them ages to get it together. It says: "Condition. Very bad. Expected to show some improvement." That's it!
Has someone been paid to compile that?
Very bad what?
Where do we need to improve?
Should we apply for a Lottery grant?
Would English Heritage have the courtesy to talk to to a few local residents? I rather think they would get more than seven words.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

A wake up call for the village?

It's been quite depressing to hear the BBC's accounts of how tourism is dying in Haworth due to a mixture of decay in the fabric of the village and a proliferation of signs on the Main Street.
The emotive line used is "The Brontes wouldn't recognise the Haworth of today".
I hope not. In their day the Main Street was running with untreated sewage, now you're lucky if you find a trickle of tourists before lunchtime because half the traders are not open.
Some traders were interviewed by BBC Radio Leeds and gave a very negative account of the village today. Do they know they may be part of the reason?
Admittedly it would have been nice if the BBC had given similar coverage to the hugely successful Forties weekend, but they didn't give it a shot or a sentence, but then that's good news.
Yes, the place does need livening up and tidying up but much of the answer lies in the hands of those who seem to want everything their own way or not at all.

Here is a selection of comments from today's Telegraph and Argus, not encouraging reading I'm afraid.

I think the place is a complete dump -as far as the main street goes. Grotty shops, cafes where the meaning of customer service is non-existant. Were it not for the excellent railway and the museum plus the church and the walk out to Top Withins, I cannot understand why anyone would want to visit the place - it has all the hallmarks of Keighley which is worse but only because it is larger. Why is it that Hebden Bridge is so good and this place so bad?

Newswatcher, shipley says...

5:03pm Wed 7 Jul 10

Haworth relies on it's famous past with little thought to the future.
Then there is the damage done by "that car park".
I can't see while people still want to visit.
It is a great pity as there is so much that could be done.
A good start would be making visitors welcome.
Maybe free parking?


5:41pm Wed 7 Jul 10

Who cares any more overpriced shops Dick Turpin was at it again today clamped a minibus of old folk with the excuse that it was a coach and should have paid as a coach not as a normal minibus

Apollo, Queensbury says...

7:39am Thu 8 Jul 10
The car parking situation and in particular the clamping by the crooks who run it have done enormous damage to the reputaton of the place.
The completely unregulated and unrestricted signage evident in the high street gives the place the look of a Third World bazaar rather than a Heritage site.
It would be good to think that the Council could tackle both of the problems - the car park a the state of the high street. Unfortunately this is Bradford Council we are talking about so we know what will happen.