Sunday, 18 September 2011

Central Park bandstand

The base of the new media bandstand in Haworth Central Park was opened today by Parish Council chairman, Councillor John Huxley, and a good crowd of people enjoyed hearing Haworth Brass Band and a performance from local poet and author Ledger de la Bald.
Coun John Huxley

Ledger de la Bald

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Voice of the Valleys first edition

I have been really pleased at the reaction to the first edition of The Voice of the Valleys community newspaper. It arrived just yesterday and we have been busy getting it to the heart of the community it seeks to serve. Without exception you have been generous with your praise of the concept and the content.
The Aire and Worth valleys are rich in talent and creative ability and I want that to be at the heart of my newspaper.
Now that the task of putting out the first one is over I'll be blogging more often! Where does time go?
Voice of the Valleys is not just a newspaper. It's a community resource in the style of newspapers I grew up with. I want you all to be part of it, contribute to it and enjoy it.
My attentions turn now to building its web prescence through , Twitter and Facebook, the modern tools of social media which I know can blend easily with a good old fashioned newspaper.