Friday, 13 January 2012

Haworth 1940's weekend

It is sad to read that the mainstay volunteers behind the Haworth 1940's weekend are pulling out, primarily due to the constraints imposed by Bradford Council.
This blog has been critical of both parties in the past. Because of the shambolic traffic management chaos of 2011 and because of the council's demand for a feasibility study as to whether the World War aircraft may crash on the crowds, a touch of Health and Safety gone mad.
We take our hat off to anyone who can attract 20,000 visitors to Haworth. They should be encouraged and supported by the local authority, and others, to do what they have done under such constraints.
Linda Presley and Pamela Howarth have been the mainstays but countless others have done their bit. So what happens now?
The event is advertised for the weekend of May 19th and 20th and you can bet your life that thousands will turn up whether or not there is an organising body. Without proper management there will be chaos on an unbelievable scale, almost as much as if an aeroplane dropped out of the sky.
Let us hope that someone comes forward to take over what is after all the village's most successful event in the calendar.
They will still have to tussle with the Home Guard of Bradford Council, but surely a little bit of Dunkirk spirit will get them through that.


  1. the event is on

  2. I have reported that on Voice of the Valleys web site and linked to the new web site. Good luck to them.