Sunday, 3 April 2011

Big hearts in the Big 10K

I am very privileged at the moment to be spending some time working on marketing and promotion at the Sue Ryder Hospice at Manorlands in Oxenhope.

Today I watched several hundred people take part in the Keighley Big10K run and between them they have raised in excess of £25,000 for that very worthy cause which nestles in the heart of our beautiful countryside and gives, and I stress gives, much needed care to people from a very wide area in their hours of greatest need.
Young, middle aged, old and even the odd family dog ran, walked and dragged themselves around the course. It was a selfless display of what the generosity of this country is all about even in times of recession and financial hardship.
(The smile of the young lady above left epitomises what it was all about)
The event is organised by a dedicated band of fund-raisers at Manorlands whose efforts often go unsung. They, like all the participants in today's run, are always prepared to go the extra mile to make sure that the hospice has the much needed money to carry on its inspirational work.
I felt almost ashamed as the backmarker of the runners arrived the the point where I was marshalling. A lady certainly in her seventies was completely undaunted by the fact she was bringing up the rear. She was graciously grateful for the bottle of water which I gave her and ran on steadily to do her bit for those less fortunate than herself. I was out of breath through carrying the water packs.
I salute each and every one of the runners and organisers of the event. We may be short of money and experiencing hard times in this country but we are still big at heart.

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