Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Getting my facts straight

I was challenged today about my comments over charging for entry to Haworth Main Street for this year's 40s weekend. No, actually I was shouted at by the Village Association vice-chairman over his back gate.
"What are you up to?" he enquired at some volume. I invited him to turn the volume down. He invited me to get my facts straight over comments I was invited to make to the Keighley News. That's before he stormed off in a huff because apparently as a freelance journalist with his own blog I am supposed to check with him before speaking and giving a personal opinion. I'll pass on that thanks, I believe in a free press and the freedom of speech.
I have "got my facts straight" on the Village Association's Facebook site with this comment after inferences about Chinese whispers.
Not Chinese whispers at all. Let me quote again from the association's own minutes. "Some members voiced their concerns that charging (not donating) did not sit comfortably with the ethos of the event. ..It was agreed that residents will receive free tickets for themselves and a set number of visitors....The change to charging for entry was discussed and in particular how it will affect Main Street residents." So every other street resident in Haworth pays? "All booked coaches have been informed it will apply to adults only." Donations don't "apply" they are voluntary. So what you say is that the few Main Street residents which there are, shopkeepers apart, will not be "charged", the rest of Haworth and all visitors will be. "the consideration of charging had been discussed with Yorkshire Tourism. It was agreed that a charge could be made."...Not Chinese whispers, but your own minutes. You can't have it all ways I'm afraid. Your vice-chairman invited me, quite vociferously, today to "get my facts straight". Thanks to your widely distributed Village Association minutes I have done so.


  1. Hi Graham , Jonny from the old hall here.
    waving a white flag.
    from what i gather at the meetings i have been to , (agm in january , februarys meeting and one 1940's meeting) there was a proposal to charge entry into main street , which caused some discrenation amongst members(myself included) , whilst it may have been written in the minutes as agreed , it is something that obviously required further discussion. at the last village meeting i was at (february's village meeting at the old hall)it was agreed that visitors and residents would be asked for a donation of £1 in exchange for the programme and not as an entry fee/charge.
    there is a 1940's meeting at the old hall at 7pm tomorrow evening (wednesday) , it would be great if you could pop along and "get it from the horses mouth"(the 1940's commitee) as it were.

    It may be a far more constructive place for a forum than the association facebook page i feel.

    a lot of time and effort goes into these events as you can understand ,and i'm positive that they would like to get the correct version of the event out to yourself , all visitors , residents and your many readers.

    sorry to post anonymous , i didnt know how to work it.

  2. Johnny. All I have quoted and said is directly from the association minutes which were widely distributed a couple of weeks ago.
    I know a lot of work goes into this, and other events, and it would be a shame to spoil it.
    I have spoken to many disgruntled villagers who are just taking the minutes they have read.
    It clearly states that only Main Street residents would be exempt from the charge, which I'm sure you will agree has upset other villagers.
    As a resident and journalist I have always been supportive of all events and will continue to be so. However I can live without prominent and voluble individuals leaping out at me on the street and "telling" me what I should do rather than asking or suggesting.
    There is always a place for objective bystanders who perhaps do not seek the limelight that others do!