Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Forties Weekend

Has Haworth Village Association taken leave of its senses? They plan to charge all visitors to the Forties Weekend this year £1 for the privilege of walking up Main Street!
Last year there were over 10,000 people there over two days and marshalling was non-existent. I understand that Bradford Council is clamping down on this year's events and demanding proper precautions...quite right too.
Charging people £1 to walk up a street which is half closed for half the week during the rest of the year is a brilliant idea. It will probably halve the numbers who go up the street this year and halve the attendance again next year.
When will they learn that spreading several events through the spring and summer would be much more beneficial than trying to grab £10,000 from visitors in just one weekend?
Only a very small percentage of actual villagers ever use the Main Street and I'm beginning to see why. Many shops up there don't cater for them or care about them and a closed shop of event organisers, and other factors, have led to a gradual downturn of visitors over a long period..
Make Haworth LOCAL for the locals and the locals would welcome the chance to lift the village's flagging reputation.
Oh, by the way, what is the Association going to do if locals refuse to pay £1 to walk up their own Main Street during the Forties Weekend? Clamp them?

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