Friday, 5 November 2010

Time to be counted

OK, I've kept quiet for long enough.

Nearly three months of trading on Haworth Main Street and I'm disgusted at the traders' attitude.
They open when they feel like it, expect everyone to flock to join The Village Association, think they own the place, but are offering no reason for tourists to come back again and the locals might as well not exist.

Couple this with our notorious clampers' car park (most lucrative business in the village by the way), zero encouragement from local or central government and I wonder why I am bothering, but I am.

I suspect that from next week the traders will all come alive, expect to earn a fortune in a short time and then go comatose again until March. That is no way to run a business or a village.

Haworth deserves better. Who, apart from me, is going to give it? Come on, shape your bloody selves.

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