Thursday, 30 September 2010


I've just read the following on an Internet forum. This is the administrator, what chance have the guests got? I will have to go to the bathroom!

"Have you heard of Dogging? I had not heard this term before. When I was at my mum's the other day she was telling me that they are going to close the cafe and picnic area on the Hogs Back on the A31 in Surrey. My sister uses the Hogs Back to go to work in Guildford. Couples are parking there and using the fields off the lay-by for sexual activity night and day. Apparently they call the people who do this Doggers, and the practice is known as Dogging. The council is thinking of closing the cafe and the picnic area and putting some bulls in the fields instead. I think they should put cameras and get the people's car number plates and publish them in the newspapers and shame them. It seems a shame and grossly unfair to close the cafe and picnic area because of these people."

I bet the bulls are delighted. Hahahahaha.

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